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Defining Strategic Direction

SAI can facilitate your senior leadership team through a methodology that results in their crafting or validating strategic elements (mission, vision, strategic positioning, key business assumptions) required to mobilize the whole organization in implementing the strategy.
Engaging the Organization to Execute Strategy

SAI can work with the senior team to convert your existing strategic direction into aligned action throughout the whole organization. Nine key elements are worked throughout the firm to energize the commitment and execution of all.
Transforming Senior Leaders into a High Performing Team

SAI can develop your senior leaders from their current way of operating into a true high performing team. Focused on identifying their mutual accountabilities this intervention enables members to work together to achieve levels of performance management groups rarely realize.
Managing Performance of the Enterprise Business Processes

SAI can work with senior leaders to link critical customer metrics to performance from the cross-functional business processes that deliver on them. They are integrated with your strategic goals where performance decisions can result in process redesign to deliver the business results that you want.
Managing Strategic Change

SAI can assess the implementation challenges, design an implementation approach tailored to the change objectives, structure and plan the implementation of strategic initiatives to realize the short and long term benefits you intended.
Developing Senior Leaders

SAI can design and deliver skill-based learning to enable your managers to develop skills in the elements of successful organization development and leadership to deepen your talent pool.
Executive Coaching

SAI can facilitate the growth of individuals to enable them to deepen their abilities and self knowledge required to be an effective leader in the constantly changing business environment.
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