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Enabling Assets and Systems
The SAI Model - Click on any SAI Model component for more detail. SHARED VISION - This is your clearly articulated, desired, measurable and shared destination that incorporates customers, business results, unit offerings and peoples' aspirations. (Click here for more detail.) ORGANIZATION - These are the units outside of yours, that is, the rest of the organization. (Click here for more detail.) STRATEGIC ELEMENTS - These are the business fundamentals of your unit which include: defining what business you are in, how you differentiate yourself, what short and long term business results you want to achieve, how you are going to realize them and how you will get everyone in the unit committed to getting there. (Click here for more detail.) CULTURE - This is the sum total of all the shared, taken-for-granted assumptions or mental models, values and behaviours that people in your unit have learned throughout their history in the unit that have led to them and the unit being successful. (Click here for more detail.) KEY BUSINESS PROCESSES - These are the primary cross-functional chain of activities that deliver your products or services to your customers (either internal or external).  They deliver the customer products or services required to achieve your unit's shared vision. (Click here for more detail.) UNIT STRUCTURE - This is the design for how your resources, human and other, are organized and linked to enable the realization of your unit's shared vision.  This includes defining your critical operating mechanisms necessary to ensure your structure realizes the potential of your design. (Click here for more detail.) ENABLING ASSETS & SYSTEMS - These are your unit's core competencies (skills and capabilities), all tangible assets (including what you own) and systems, such as performance management, and policies and procedures, which are key to achieving your unit's shared vision. (Click here for more detail.) STRATEGY ENGAGEMENT - This is the method you use to get the required engagement, commitment and alignment of behaviours of everyone needed to achieve your unit's shared vision. (Click here for more detail.)
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These are your unit's Core Competencies (skills and capabilities), all tangible assets (including what you own and systems such as performance management) and policies and procedures, which are key to achieving your unit's Shared Vision.


Key "Ingredients" for this component are:

Strategic Assets These are tangible assets your unit owns or can access and which can be used to achieve your Shared Vision. These can include intellectual property as well as physical things.
Information Technology This is the information architecture, and accompanying hardware and software that support the achievement of your Shared Vision.
Core Competencies These are the knowledge and skills people have, individually and collectively, which are required to achieve your Shared Vision.
Performance Management System This is a compensation system which reinforces behaviors, associated with policies and processes, designed to manage performance at all levels and achieve success.
Learning and Development These are the formal and informal methods and resources used to identify and transfer learnings about how things are done and how things can be can be improved.
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