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Our Approach

The Strategic Alignment project creates a movement in focus for senior leaders - from the operational to the more strategic - while maintaining operating mechanisms to track how the business is working.

One of the most frequently reported benefits of our approach by senior leaders is the freeing up of her/his time to focus more strategically.

Many consulting practices offer many of the components of Strategic Alignment and methods of developing teams presented here. Our strategic advantage is: we provide the components of Strategic Alignment designed for implementation, while developing the senior leaders into a high performing team.

Research on executive teams finds that rarely are these groups functioning as teams, let alone high performing ones. It is our belief that for any unit or organization to achieve its potential to realize their Shared Vision, senior leaders must function as a real team some of the time.

Our approach has a bias for implementation and ensuring the unit obtains the business results desired. Our project designs have feedback and operating mechanisms hard wired to ensure that the likelihood of full implementation is high and the key business metrics improve.

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